Taylor Dunn Stockchasers

Taylor-Dunn’s utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance while reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Stockchaser Features 

Cloverleaf Steering Wheel Design

Provides comfortable hand placement, ease of turning, and quick response, giving the operator confidence and control while operating the vehicle.

Built-in Safety Features

Built-in safety equipment ensures safety for people and equipment inside and outside of the vehicle.

Extended Operators Compartment

The Stockchasers have been re-engineered with a roomier operators compartment for increased comfort and ergonomics.

Low Step Height

The Stockchaser’s low step height provides the operator with increased comfort while needing to enter and exit the vehicle.

Tight Turning Radius

With a turning radius of 1700mm, the Stockchaser improves efficiency and maneuverability in tight spaces.

Towing Capability

Tow up to 2267kg pounds of goods from the warehouse to production line.

Stockchasers – The Line Up  

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