Taylor Dunn Utility Vehicles 

Taylor-Dunn’s utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance while reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Utility Vehicle Features 

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

As we continue to improve all of our products, comfort and ergonomic design is integrated into our vehicles.

Built-in Safety Features

Built-in safety equipment ensures safety for people and equipment inside and outside of the vehicle.

Low Step Height

The low step height ensures safety and comfort during entering and exiting the vehicle.

Durable and Reliable

Taylor-Dunn products are built to standards that ensure long-lasting durability and reliability.

Post-Sales Support

All Taylor-Dunn products receive post-sales support direct from Warequip Solutions in Melbourne.

OEM Parts

Taylor-Dunn OEM parts are dependable, competitively priced, and engineered to ensure years of rugged performance.

Utility Vehicles – The Line Up  

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