Taylor Dunn FAQ’s

Why Should I Buy a Taylor-Dunn?

Taylor-Dunn has been manufacturing and distributing gas and electric industrial vehicles since 1949. They are proven products used worldwide in many applications. Taylor Dunn vehicles are environmentally friendly and have established a reputation of dependability and durability. All vehicles are user friendly and easy to maintain, and can be used for minimal cost a day. We also offer custom products designed and built for your special applications.

How far will it run?

Your mileage will vary based on your driving habits and application. Typically, standard vehicles will run for approximately 30 kms on level ground with a full charge.

How long will it take to charge?

Typically, standard vehicles charge in 8 to 10 hours.

Can I climb a hill?

Yes, we offer many different vehicles for this application; however, a site survey is highly recommended so we can establish the proper gearing for your application. Load and towing capacities may be effected dependant on the degree of the hill you are climbing.

Are the vehicles easy to use?

Yes, they do not have a manual transmission like a car, only a forward and reverse switch.

Are your vehicles suitable to be used on rough terrain?

Yes, we offer many different vehicles for this application; however, a site survey is highly recommended so we can establish the proper gearing for your application.

Why do vehicles come in 24, 36, 48 volt (which should I choose and why?)

Battery volts, is fuel power required to power vehicle, depending on size of vehicle, distance required to travel, load and towing capacities of vehicle will depend on which size of battery voltage is specified, 24 volts, 36 volts, 48 volts, 72 volts, semi traction batteries, traction batteries. Please contact Warequip to assist you with correct vehicle & battery volts required.

What’s the difference in diffs available?

Taylor-Dunn vehicle supplied with 2 types of differential, smaller personal & lightweight vehicle utilize aluminium housed differential, which keeps overall weight of vehicle low.

Larger Burden carrier vehicle and tow tugs utilise GT drive system, helical automotive hypoid system with 4 factory setting available, to ensure unit is specified to client requirements

Why have Taylor Dunn released an AC version?

AC motor are the latest technology, with the following features, no brushes, full 4 way regenerative braking, thermal protection, increased run time, hi-lo speed switch and automatic park brake

Do you need a licence to drive an Electric Vehicle?

Generally not, in some circumstances relevant governing bodies or associations require a special site licence.

Can I drive the electric vehicle on the road?

Yes, but only if it is registered with correct local authority. Warequip can organise many registrations for you, please contact us on 03 8378 7700.

Does Warequip offer after sales service?

Warequip have a very capable mechanical workshop. We also have field technician in service vehicles to complete repairs on customer sites.

Warequip also carry a full comprehensive range of Taylor-Dunn spare parts, with ability to source parts not held in stock direct from OEM.

Where do I plug the charger in?

Chargers can be plugged into standard household power points 10amp 240 VAC.

How often do I have to put water in the batteries?

We recommend that you the check battery water level weekly, and fill as needed.

How long will my vehicle last?

Depending on the application, we have seen our vehicles last 15 years and longer.

How do I obtain a replacement vehicle owner’s manual?

Contact Warequip and we will organise one for you.

What is the warranty on my vehicle?

12 months on vehicles, batteries suppliers warranty applies to new batteries.

Where do I find my serial number?

Please contact Warequip as the serial number on each type of vehicle maybe in different location.

Can my vehicle be driven in all types of weather?

Yes, we offer many different enclosed vehicles; however, a site survey is highly recommended so we can establish the proper options for your application

Is heating & air conditioning available?

Available upon request only. Contact Warequip for pricing.

Can I get a vehicle demonstrated?

Yes, contact Warequip & we will arrange demonstration of the vehicle required.

I am unsure if a vehicle is what I need, can I trail or hire one for a short period of time?

Yes contact Warequip & they will arrange hire for short time so you can assess the vehicle at your site.

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