Taylor Dunn Tow Tractors

Electric, or LPG – Taylor-Dunn tow tractors are engineered and manufactured to provide maneuverable, rugged, safe, and cost-effective industrial and ground-support solutions indoors and outdoors. 


Tow Tractor Features 

Tightest Turning Radius

Taylor-Dunn tow tractors are highly maneuverable and feature a minimum turning radius of 70 inches to allow moving through tight spaces.

High Visibility for Safety

Taylor-Dunn vehicles can be configured with strobe lights, flashing emergency lights, reflectors, and light bars in order to increase visibility during daily operations.

Multiple Power Options

Taylor-Dunn tow tractors are available in petrol, diesel, electric and LPG power offerings, providing flexibility to the user’s requirements.

Industry-Leading Towing Capacities

Taylor-Dunn offers the industry’s leading towing capacities – up to 54,400kg 

Compact Design

Taylor-Dunn’s electric tow tractors are designed to maneuver through tight warehouse aisles while towing trailers.

Stand Up And Sit Down Options

Stand up and sit down driving options are available to allow flexibility, comfort and ergonomics for operators.

Tow Tractors – The Line Up